Parameters & Key Figures

PembRock Finance aims to provide the ultimate experience for its users, which is why we have put in place limits to the minimum that can be borrowed, and instituted what we believe to be the best possible parameters for different operations within our app. This contributes to the stability of the platform while allowing for great user returns and continued development.

Minimum Debt Size

The minimum debt size represents the smallest amount of a particular asset a user can borrow when creating a leveraged position. For all currencies on our platform, the minimum amount is equivalent to $1 in that particular crypto, subject to change based on the rate of the currency being borrowed at the time.

Global Parameters

Please note that all of the fees outlined below are already factored into the APYs that are displayed when you view your farming position, meaning no other fees will be subtracted further down the line.


Liquidation Bounty


Lending Performance Fee


Farming Performance Fee


At present, all fees go to the PembRock treasury. As part of our roadmap, one of the next steps is to integrate staking, which will allow PEM token holders to stake and receive protocol profit, derived from the liquidation bounty and lending/farming performance fees.

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