PembRock Token

Token name: PembRock Finance Token Token ticker: PEM Total supply: 160 000 000 PEM Blockchain: NEAR Protocol Contract address: token.pembrock.near
PEM is the native token that helps PembRock Finance to function. It is used:
  • To stake within the PembRock Finance ecosystem — with rewards paid out in PEM.
  • As a part of our reward mechanism for interacting with our protocol.
  • As an additional bonus for those who provide funds to our liquidity pools.
  • For DAO participation — users can stake PEM to receive vePEM, our governance token.
All fees are collected as profit and are distributed among PEM holders who have staked in our protocol!

How our protocol collects fees

  • Farmers are charged 10% of their yield farming rewards.
  • Lenders are charged 10% of their borrowing profit.
  • Every time a position is liquidated, 5% of the position’s value is paid as a fee.
DAO Balance for future projects
120-month linear unlock (unlock from April 2023)
9-month linear unlock (depending on the platform)
Community Treasury
60-month linear unlock
Long term investors
24-month lockup (linear unlock starts from buying date) 12-month lockup (linear unlock starts after 12 months from the purchase date)
PembRock Labs Incentives
48-month linear unlock (unlocked for development from February 2023)
LP incentivization program
6-month linear unlock
Early PEM contributors & NEAR Ecosystem
Early PEM contributors - 12-month linear unlock (unlock from April 2023) Advisors incentivisation - 12-month linear unlock (unlock from February 2023)
NEAR Ecosystem - 6-month linear unlock (unlock from April 2023)
Initial LP on DEX's
no vesting period
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