User Story: Lender

PembRock Finance is the very first leveraged yield farming protocol to launch on the NEAR blockchain. If you’ve read our other communications, you will know that on launch, there are two main ways you can earn:

  • Lending

  • Yield farming

Like the NEAR blockchain itself, we focus on user-friendliness, meaning you can benefit from PembRock’s yields whether you’re an experienced DeFi investor or a new user.

To give you a taste of what it’s like to use PembRock, we’ll highlight the experience of Steve, a lender who got to test out our platform.

PembRock case study: Steve (a lender)

What was your overall experience of using PembRock?

I really enjoyed it. I have actually put my crypto into many different projects, so I’m not exactly a beginner, but it’s always nice to have something intuitive and simple. In DeFi, there are a lot of funds moving quickly, so you want to have something that lets you get returns without having to go through a hundred different steps.

What did you think of the returns against the risks?

No complaints at all — as I was only investing USDT, there were no real risks. The price of USDT stays the same, and I get a nice return that auto-compounds. The fact that you can easily invest yourself at the click of a button and generate greater interest than most other investments is awesome!

*Please note: PembRock is committed to the comfort and ease of use of all our users, and we want to give as much financial freedom as possible; however, on launch, as we continue to attract investment, it may temporarily not be possible to withdraw a large amount of funds all at once from the liquidity pool. This is to ensure that the pool remains stable, benefiting every PembRock user.

Earn with PembRock

With PembRock, you can be lending and getting in profits in just minutes. Once you set up a NEAR wallet and connect to the platform, you simply need to go to our Lend section and select the amount you wish to deposit, and we take care of the rest! A fully-audited platform designed by blockchain experts, we make sure your security is top priority.

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