How to claim $PEM token on Meta Yield

PEM is the native token of PembRock, unlocking access to a greater number of features and giving you more chances to profit.

You can study tokenomics here.

With PEM, you can:

  • Farm PEM pairs for high APY.

  • Lend PEM for stable APY.

  • Stake PEM for a share in protocol profit.

  • Get lending rewards as an additional bonus for funding liquidity pools.

  • Gain governance rights to help steer the direction of the platform.

From January PEM supporters on Meta Yield can claim their tokens and join PembRock by using farming, lending or staking functionalities. Let’s check detailed guides for all ways.

How to claim $PEM token on Meta Yield

  1. Go to and connect your wallet. After you make it, available bonds will appear as on the screenshot below.

2. Go to and connect your wallet. In the My Bonds section the bond with $PEM will be available as on the screenshot.

3. Hit the button with 3 dots and choose Claim.

4. After that tokens will be available on your wallet and you could join PembRock by trying each of the functionality!

Staker, lender or farmer – from now on, the possibilities on PembRock are unlimited for you!

If you claim your $PEM tokens and want to continue your experience with PembRock, you can:

  • maximize your profit by investing in the 12 farming pools with up to 3X leverage;

  • use lending pools and earn with minimal risks;

  • stake $PEM & decide not only about community rewards distribution but also vote for the impeccable events by joining DAO.

A great tip from our team. After you claim your $PEM you can open a PEM-USDC farm position by borrowing USDC and earn up to 200% APY!

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