How-To Guides

Wanted to get start with leveraged yield farming on NEAR Protocol? Well, now’s your chance!
Our simple guides can have you setting up a NEAR Wallet, lending a range of tokens for stable returns, and securely borrowing to create customized leveraged positions that bring high rewards in just minutes.
The NEAR Wallet is your key to the NEAR universe. Get set up with the secure and easy-to-use web wallet super quickly.

Want to get high returns with minimum risk?

With lending, you can earn by providing funds to yield farmers who wish to leverage their crypto. Here’s how to do it in just a few clicks, with no risk of liquidation

Maximize your yield with leveraged farming strategies

Why does yield farming need to involve different platforms and token transactions? With our quick farming guide, you’ll be opening leveraged positions with ease — profiting by the time you get to the end of the guide.

Buy PEM in a few clicks

Our step-by-step guide shows how you can get PEM onto your NEAR Wallet, ready to leverage in PembRock Finance's profitable farming pools!

What is PembRock Finance?

PembRock Finance is the first leveraged yield farming platform on NEAR Protocol, providing tools for both lenders and farmers to profit, and increasing liquidity within the blockchain’s ecosystem.
A community-first project, staking and a DAO will be incorporated into the project’s operations in the near future, while the native $PEM token (currently listed on Ref Finance and Tonic DEX) will be rolled out to further decentralized and centralized exchanges.