Useful Links & Tools

CoinGecko is a crypto market data aggregator. It allows you to see current prices, market capitalizations, and trading volumes. On top of that, CoinGecko also lets you take a look at past historical data and make comparisons.

NEAR Explorer is a service that allows you to, well, explore the NEAR network. There, you will find it all—addresses, balances, incoming and outgoing transfers, smart contracts, and more.

DefiLlama is an analytics portal that provides stats related to the Decentralized Finance industry. It gives visibility into indicators such as Total Value Locked and dominance, among others, and allows you to filter by chain, category, project, and a number of other parameters.

Odyssey is your portfolio management solution for the NEAR protocol. Among its features, the most unique one is an ability to control your investments, risks, and positions.

At WhiteboardCrypto, you can estimate your potential impermanent loss.

With Omni Calculator, you can calculate the APY (annual percentage yield) of your position.

Here, you can convert the APR (annual percentage rate) value to APY (annual percentage yield).

On Cryptowatch, you can find the correlation between different tokens to better diversify your portfolio.

This portal provides data regarding NEAR-powered tokens involved in the DeFi trade.

This is a website that enables you to move tokens across Ethereum, Aurora, and NEAR.

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