School of PembRock


Q1 2022

✅ Obtained grant from NEAR Foundation
✅ Fundamental research of crypto-economics and farming projects
✅ Developed contract architecture, vesting contract, borrow/lending mechanics, and basic yield farming
✅ Integration with Ref. finance
✅ Design system creation and implementation
✅ Social Media set-up & introduction of PembRock in the NEAR ecosystem
✅ $PEM Tokenomics finalized
✅ $PEM Token deployed on mainnet
✅ The first round of token sale completed
✅ Succesful partnership
✅ Vesting contact deployed to mainnet & web application launched for early contributors

Q2 2022

✅ Developed the liquidation of positions
✅ Rainbow Bridge integration
✅ Partnership with leading NEAR Projects (Meta Yield, Skyward, Boca Chica, Jumbo)
✅ $PEM Token IDO
✅ Listing on DEXes
✅ Creation of Liquidity pools

Q3 2022

✅ Launch of LP incentivization program
✅ Audit of smart contracts
✅ Creation of user guides and educational content
✅ App launch on the testnet
✅ New website design
✅ App launch with deposit function
✅ App full launch with leveraged farming
✅ Staking mechanism enable
✅ Integration with NEAR farming platforms
✅ Application UI/UX improvements
✅ Adding new farms and assets to the platform
✅ Adding farming strategies and more educational content

Q4 2022

✅ Launch of the PembRock DAO
✅ Integration into mobile wallets
✅ Addition of new farms and assets to the platform
✅ Support of Stable Farming Pools (STNEAR-NEAR, NearX-NEAR, etc.)
✅ Position adjustment: Add debt
✅ Position adjustment: Add collateral
✅ Creation of an educational hub for the community
✅ Improvements to mobile UI/UX
✅ Roll-out of PembRock Indexer

Q1 2023

Connection of new wallets to work with PembRock Integrations through the NEAR Ecosystem projects in-app
Position adjustment: Partial closing
Acceptance of LP shares as a new type of collateral
Release of the “Any token as a collateral” feature
Addition of the “Any token to borrow” feature
Improvements of Liquidation and Reinvestment mechanisms

Q2 2023

Functionality of automated delta-neutral positions
Integration into other NEAR Ecosystem products
Full application redesign
NFT research

Q3 2023

Development of advanced functionality for farmers, such as a stop-loss mechanism for the automatic closing of positions
Extended opportunities for stakers