Q1 2022

✅ Obtained grant from NEAR Foundation
✅ Fundamental research of crypto-economics and farming projects
✅ Developed contract architecture, vesting contract, borrow/lending mechanics, and basic yield farming
✅ Integration with Ref. finance
✅ Design system creation and implementation
✅ Social Media set-up & introduction of PembRock in the NEAR ecosystem
✅ $PEM Tokenomics finalized
✅ $PEM Token deployed on mainnet
✅ The first round of token sale completed
✅ Succesful partnership
✅ Vesting contact deployed to mainnet & web application launched for early contributors

Q2 2022

✅ Developed the liquidation of positions
✅ Rainbow Bridge integration
✅ Partnership with leading NEAR Projects (Meta Yield, Skyward, Boca Chica, Jumbo)
✅ $PEM Token IDO
✅ Listing on DEXes
✅ Creation of Liquidity pools

Q3 2022

✅ Launch of LP incentivization program
✅ Audit of smart contracts
✅ Creation of user guides and educational content
✅ App launch on the testnet
✅ New website design
✅ App launch with deposit function
✅ App full launch with leveraged farming
✅ Staking mechanism enable
✅ Integration with NEAR farming platforms
✅ Application UI/UX improvements
✅ Adding new farms and assets to the platform
✅ Adding farming strategies and more educational content

Q4 2022

✅ Launch of the PembRock DAO
✅ Integration into mobile wallets
✅ Addition of new farms and assets to the platform
✅ Support of Stable Farming Pools (STNEAR-NEAR, NearX-NEAR, etc.)
✅ Position adjustment: Add debt
✅ Position adjustment: Add collateral
✅ Creation of an educational hub for the community
✅ Improvements to mobile UI/UX
✅ Roll-out of PembRock Indexer

Q1 2023

✅ Release of Adjust position UI
✅ Fundamental research on Delta neutral position
✅ Fundamental research on Grid Strategies
✅ Smart contract architecture for Grid Strategy
✅ Back-end architecture for Grid automated algo
✅ General UI layout development for Automated strategies
✅ Delta neutral release for PembRock main smart contract

Q2 2023

Release of Partial close UI
Developing Delta neutral UI
Developing Grid Smart contract prototype
Developing Grid UI Layout
Developing of Grid automated algo prototype

Q3 2023

Releasing Delta Neutral UI
Automated Grid strategy release on mainnet
Developing Leveraged shorts UI
Developing stop - loss mechanism for Farm positions

Q4 2023

Releasing Grid UI
Releasing Leveraged Shorts UI
Releasing stop-loss mechanism for Farm position